Future of Work Audio-Visuals


Trends on the changing nature of jobs
-WESO Team-
Introduction by Selim Jahan, lead author
of the 2015 Human Development Report
-Human Development Report Team-

The Economics of the Internet
-World Development Report 2016 Team-
Replaced by robots?
The challenges and opportunities
of automation for the workforce
-Michael Osborne-

“The Future of Work Centenary initiative
-Future of Work Team-
The Fourth Industrial Revolution
-World Economic Forum-

“ILO at Work
-Multimedia Team-
The World of Decent Work Today
-International Labour Organization-
The world if robots take our jobs |
-The Economist-
The last job on Earth: Imagining a fully automated world
-The Guardian-

How can we visualize the future of work? In this section we will share interesting visualizations that serve as metaphors of the future.