home video The Jobs We’ll Lose to Machines and the Ones We Won’t

The Jobs We’ll Lose to Machines and the Ones We Won’t

Photo credit: World Economic Forum. CC License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/

“Will a robot do your job in the future?” That is the question Anthony Goldbloom — a machine learning expert and the founder and CEO of Kaggle, a Silicon Valley startup — asks in this TED Talk.

He highlights that although some jobs will likely to get replaced by machines, but it will be up to humans to discover novel situations.



Kai Hsin Hung

Kai-Hsin Hung is an External Collaborator with the ITC-ILO. He develops and designs curriculum and prototypes new sustainable learning solutions. His focus is innovation and knowledge synthesis of complex development challenges, including the future of work, food security, and climate change. He has broad experience in various roles in international advocacy, program management, and policy research at the International Development Research Centre and Global Affairs Canada. Follow him at @KaiHsinHung

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