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Tech@Work: Top 6 Disruptive Technologies You Should Know

What are the key trends in disruptive technology?

We have identified three global trends on how disruptive technologies are changing the work followed by top policymakers and technologists.

Plus, below are six select game-changing technologies we have identified from our research that will have a high impact on the world of work today and in the coming years.

Infographic: Disruptive Technology in the 21st Century 

Your can also view and download the infographic in pdf. by clicking here.

Infographic_Sheet - Tech

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Kai Hsin Hung

Kai-Hsin Hung is an External Collaborator with the ITC-ILO. He develops and designs curriculum and prototypes new sustainable learning solutions. His focus is innovation and knowledge synthesis of complex development challenges, including the future of work, food security, and climate change. He has broad experience in various roles in international advocacy, program management, and policy research at the International Development Research Centre and Global Affairs Canada. Follow him at @KaiHsinHung

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