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Massive Online Open Course on Technology@Work


The Tech@Work MOOC aims to ignite a conversation about how emerging technology will change the nature of work and the workplace, and its increasingly impact the economy and society. While technology has always played a significant role in modernizing the workplace, the speed and magnitude of technological advancement and innovation today is far greater than ever before. In the last decade or so, the proliferation of mega digital corporations such as Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Alibaba and new technologies such as smartphones, robotics, drones, 3D printing, cloud computing, and development of superintelligence are transforming the world of work. These changes are profoundly altering the world of work and there are recurring concerns that new technology will replace workers, putting jobs at risk in an increasingly networked society and digitalized economy.

Target Audience

Who should take this MOOC? Government officials, businesses, educational institution, sister UN agencies, and civil societies working in the fields of labour, innovation, science, and information and communication technologies. In the design of the course, case studies and online resources reflect the multiplicity of experiences and realities that are faced by the range of social partners and State Members of the ILO.


  • Recognize the role of technology and its impact on the world of work and society;
  • Identify the main trends and the key drivers of  how technology is transforming  work;
  • Collaboratively share examples  of how technological innovation have impacted our work and workplaces,
  • Analyse the potential consequences of future technology for the world of work in 2030;
  • Understand the objectives of the ILO’s Future of Work Centenary Initiative

Format and Methodology

This proposal lays out a plan to develop a 6-week online MOOC with 6 modules divided into three phases on the impacts of technology at work. The course will discuss the latest technological and labour trends.  

1. WelcomeThe first phase is designed to introduce participants to the eCampus virtual environment. Participants will be provided the tools and tips on how to succeed as an e-learner.
2. ExplorationSecond, Modules 1 to 3 provide a primer into key emerging technologies and changes in the world of work in the 21st century.
3. New FrontiersLinked to the Future of Work Centenary Initiative, Modules 4 and 5 aims to deepen the analytical and practical understanding of impacts, risks and opportunities of how technology is driving changes in the world of work.

Overall, the course has a strong collaborative nature with an emphasis on participants’ collective knowledge and peer-learning. A hybrid approach of using task-based and peer-to-peer learning activities to enhance learning and the co-creation of knowledge. Participants will co-create and exchange their own experiences and knowledge, while crowdsourcing solutions, converging networks and promoting new learning. Online facilitation will be provided throughout the whole learning experience, including facilitating collaborative work and knowledge exchange as well as group feedback.

The centerpiece of the Tech@Work MOOC is the development of practical and evidence-based toolkits that will help learners to anticipate and build greater workforce resiliency in a digital future.  

Language requirements

The course is carried out in English.

Knowledge of English is therefore needed to access the course environment, e-Learning activities and resources.

How to apply

To register for the course, click on the “Apply” button on this page.

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The Tech@Work MOOC. Video credit: Fausto Saltetti