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Best 3 Automation Videos for the #FutureofWork We Want @ #ILOFOW

#ICYMI. Three quick videos about automation and work; each is less than 5 mins.


On the occasion of the Global Dialogue on The Future of Work We Want, which is taking place from April 6 to 7, 2017 in Geneva at the UN labour agency, the International Labour Organization (ILO) HQ. The conference gathers leading international thinkers and actors who are at the forefront of the ILO’s Future of Work Centenary Initiative. For more information, I invite you to review our recent post on how you can Join & Shape the #FutureofWork We Want @ #ILOFOW.


The conference will be livestreamed via Facebook. Scroll below to learn how to join online.

Watch the Live Webcast

The Global Dialogue is webcasted. Share your thoughts or ask the panelists a question on Facebook Live or on Twitter at #ILOFOW.


Below are the three top videos to help prepare you to think and (re)imagine future automation and its impact on how it might transform our work, economies and societies – our shared future of work.


VIDEO 1: The world if robots take our jobs | The Economist


VIDEO 2: Trends on the changing nature of jobs | International Labour Organization


VIDEO 3: The last job on Earth: Imagining a fully automated world | The Guardian


For more videos like these, the Technology@Work Initiative has curated some of the best videos, and created posters and infographics to summarize knowledge and help you imagine disruptive technology’s impact on the future of work.  To view more audio-visuals, go to our new Technology@Work Digital Library by clicking on the below banner.


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Kai Hsin Hung

Kai-Hsin Hung is an External Collaborator with the ITC-ILO. He develops and designs curriculum and prototypes new sustainable learning solutions. His focus is innovation and knowledge synthesis of complex development challenges, including the future of work, food security, and climate change. He has broad experience in various roles in international advocacy, program management, and policy research at the International Development Research Centre and Global Affairs Canada. Follow him at @KaiHsinHung

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